Engine Diagnostics

Hi-Tech Motor Engineers now offer State of the Art Diagnostic Technology from Bosch, the market leader in diagnostic equipment. With access to unrivaled technical support, 50 master technicians, and marque-specialist software engineers as well as software updates every 24 hours, Autologic provides the best diagnostic ability on the market today.

ECU Reprogramming Service:

This new technology allows us to re-programme ECU units (commonly known as chipping) for the premium manufactures, giving you the benefit of increased vehicle performance and more efficient fuel consumption.

Give us a call, our professional operators who have an extensive experience and knowledge of car servicing and repair issues within the motor industry will be able to guide and assist you with your needs.

Typical Diagnostic Procedure:

  • Physical examination of components, wiring and serviceable items.
  • Component cleaning.
  • Connect diagnostic computer equipment to vehicle’s onboard computer to locate complex faults.

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